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GM vines and MWs

I just read this article on Now, Olivier Humbrecht is certainly a gifted winemaker, but the comparison between genetically modified vines and weapons of mass destruction is simply stupid. As Per Karlsson of BK Wine put it when … Continue reading

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USA now World’s foremost wine consumer

Click on the link to the Decanter item below. The US of A is now the world’s leading wine consuming nation, mostly due to a significant reduction in French wine drinking: Is this significant news? Well, personally, I think … Continue reading

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Interview by Marina Alaimo

The lovely Marina Alaimo, broadcasting as “the drunken berry” – Acino Ebbro, has committed an interview with yours truly. You can hear it on Radio Siani, la Radio della Legalità,, tonight at 19.00 hours onwards. Warning: The interview is … Continue reading

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Points – Why I prefer not to use them

The thoughtful Dario Bressanini has published this piece – in Italian, sorry – about the trustworthiness of wine judges and points scoring systems: There is reference to articles in English at the bottom, so if Italian is not one … Continue reading

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Diversity in wine – Or: A craving for the weird and wonderful

A recent news item on Decanter’s web site ( caught my eye. Not that I find it especially newsworthy that cabernet sauvignon is so very popular around the world. I also don’t want to join any chorus of lamentation that … Continue reading

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Interviewed – James the Wine Guy

It has been too long since I last posted on this blog, and you are going to have to wait a bit yet. I fell with my bicycle last week and suffered a concussion. I don’t yet feel fully up … Continue reading

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