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Epicurus and the Good Life – Other than Hedonism

It never rains but it pours. So two posts in the same day. I came across this oldie-but-goodie article at The Economist’s 1843 site. Apart from explaining the injustice done to the memory of Epicurus, it also sets out salient … Continue reading

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Best wine ever?

Dear all, It’s been ages since I’ve written anything here. I do apologize. My absence is mostly due to having been very busy at work, but also to the fact that I tend to write long, involved posts, and I … Continue reading

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Angelo Gaja Supports GMO Vines

Dear all, It’s been too long since I posted last. My daytime job has claimed almost all of my time, research for the updated version of the book on Italian wine that I co-author has tken the rest. That will … Continue reading

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Does Biodynamics need to explain itself?

Read this blog post: According to Woolf, there is no such need. Biodynamics, like homoeopathy and the placebo effect – or indeed like religion – should be free from having to explain itself. I have to say I heartily … Continue reading

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John Griffiths on “liquid fashion”

In the Swan Valley near Perth, Western Australia, reigns Faber Vineyard, for me far and away the best producer in the area. Faber is owned by husband-and-wife team John Griffiths and Jane Micallef. John is no Mr. Nobody, having worked … Continue reading

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Vignobles Ducourt plants “disease-resistant vineyard”

Read this Decanter article: This is an important piece of news. As we struggle all over the world with the need for increased agricultural production, we are also facing a determined onslaught by unscientific and ahistoric “back-to-the-past” fundamentalists who … Continue reading

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Natural Wines and Sexism? – Punch Drink Article

Interesting article by Rémy Charest in Punch Drink here: Thoughtful stuff. I generally like the article, particularly that it does not set out to judge the trend. Read the article first, then read the below, if you wish. There … Continue reading

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