Epicurus and the Good Life – Other than Hedonism

It never rains but it pours. So two posts in the same day.

I came across this oldie-but-goodie article at The Economist’s 1843 site. Apart from explaining the injustice done to the memory of Epicurus, it also sets out salient parts of Epicurus’ down-to-earth and wise philosophy. Very good stuff to think about and incorporate, I think.


Surely, much of what’s wrong with today’s societies, much of what makes so many people unhappy, continues to be driven by an excess of unlivable, dour and life-disparaging schools of thought, with contorted, impossible ideals and morals that are impossible to live up to. Why not go for something that affirms life and the simple pursuit of happiness? And don’t forget wine along the wine. It might even help…

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