Angelo Gaja Supports GMO Vines

Dear all,

It’s been too long since I posted last. My daytime job has claimed almost all of my time, research for the updated version of the book on Italian wine that I co-author has tken the rest. That will change as of now. Expect infrequent posts, but at least some, going forward.

I came across this article just now:

Gaja was always at the forefront, and you have to salute his relentless search for improvement and progress.

I predict that the use of very precise techniques of transferring disease-resistant genes to fragile-but-qualitatively-important varieties will be a complete fact in 50 years, and will ensure a sane, rational, non-polluting and disease-free viticulture that is also economically sustainable for the producers.

The resistance will be overcome slowly at first, but thanks to the visionary support of the likes of Gaja, we’ll get there.

Think about it: We need viticulture to be economically sustainable, or the growers will stop growing vines.

Yours truly

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