Stefano d’Onghia new restaurant

I wrote glowingly about Osteria A’ Cr’janz in this post in 2012: Great place, great evening, fantastic food.

The chef (and co-owner) at A’ Cr’janz was Stefano d’Onghia, who has since become a friend. This year Stefano left A’ Cr’janz to start on his own with his wife. It has taken him a while to get started, but he has finally done it. The new place is called Botteghe Antiche, and is to be found at Piazza Plebiscito 8, Putignano, tel. +39 334 791 5705. There is no web site yet (we should probably be grateful that they have concentrated on getting the place up and running and the food just right), but there is a Facebook page:!/pages/Botteghe-Antiche/264209213758654?fref=nf.

Stefano is a great chef, so probably no need to wish him and his wife good luck, but I’ll do it anyway: In bocca al lupo, Stefano!

Count on the food being great, probably even greater than before due to less limiting kitchen circumstances, and on the atmosphere being warm, friendly and accommodating. The whole world should flock to this place. I know I will be there.

Yours truly

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