GM vines and MWs

I just read this article on

Now, Olivier Humbrecht is certainly a gifted winemaker, but the comparison between genetically modified vines and weapons of mass destruction is simply stupid. As Per Karlsson of BK Wine put it when he posted it on Facebook: “A good illustration that MW is certainly not a carte blanche to be guru on all things wine.”

The idea that vine varieties are static and never change unless genetically modified in a lab is ridiculous, but seems to underlie many statements made by anti-GMO wine people. They also tend to perpetuate all of the myths that exist about genetic modification actually creating weaker plants that are more susceptible to disease, or plants that are poisonous.

Frankly, the anti-GMO movement is as uninformed, anti-factual and dangerous as the climate change denial movement.

I certainly hope that the Institute of Masters of Wine, with its high standing in all matters of wine, will expend the effort to actually research the subject properly and incorporate factual, unbiased knowledge in its various programmes and conferences. That means ensuring that what they impart is scientifically correct, not based on cultic hearsay.

They might find some inspiration here:

Yours truly

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