Radici del Sud 2014

Some of you may have noticed my love of the lovely Radici del Sud event. I am fond of the subject, indigenous Southern Italian grape varieties and wines, I am fond of the venue, I am fond of the food, and not least, I am fond of the people.

I will be participating this year too, from 4 – 9 June, at Masseria Caselli near Carovigno in Puglia. Check out the 163 participating wineries here: http://ivinidiradici.com/index.php/21-radici-del-sud/323-ufficio-stampa

I am so looking forward to all the excellent wines and their producers, but I am also looking forward to the rich programme around them, and particularly to meet so many friends, and to making new ones.

I can hardly wait.

Yours truly

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One Response to Radici del Sud 2014

  1. tom hyland says:

    Have a great time, Ole! I know you will. It’s a pity I can’t join you.

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