Nebbiolo ageability – Tom Maresca’s new post

Lovely and thought-provoking post by Tom Maresca here:

Tom concludes that there is a continuity and lineage of style across the years and thus across the “old” and “more recent” divide, meaning that the changes that have taken place in climate, vinegrowing and winemaking since about the late-70’ies have not made a huge change in the expression and ageability of the nebbiolo wines of Piedmont. I would think this is true, but Tom’s conclusions are based (as they must be, there is no other way) on vertical tastings with producers that can actually line up 4 decades’ worth of production. Those producers are somewhat rare, and tend to be traditionalist. I therefore can’t say with certainty that this is the final word on whether the “modernists” are actually making wines that will last as long as those of the “traditionalists”, outmoded as that distinction may be. I know what I prefer, though, and that seems also to be what Tom prefers…

Yours truly

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