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Nebbiolo ageability – Tom Maresca’s new post

Lovely and thought-provoking post by Tom Maresca here: Tom concludes that there is a continuity and lineage of style across the years and thus across the “old” and “more recent” divide, meaning that the changes that have taken place … Continue reading

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Diversity in Wine II – Erl Happ’s Comments

In response to my 8 January 2014 post on diversity in wine ( Erl Happ sent me the below wonderful considerations. They were too long to post as a comment, but he has kindly allowed me to copy it and … Continue reading

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Diversity in wine – Or: A craving for the weird and wonderful

A recent news item on Decanter’s web site ( caught my eye. Not that I find it especially newsworthy that cabernet sauvignon is so very popular around the world. I also don’t want to join any chorus of lamentation that … Continue reading

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Stop the Mosel Bridge project

I am generally not favourably inclined towards single-case protests against progress and large construction projects. I do make an exception, however, when it comes to what I think may be threats to important landmarks and cultural heritage. I consider the … Continue reading

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2013 in review

Dear Reader, Below you will find my WordPress statistics report for 2013. Annoyingly, it reflects the fact that I have written very little since the middle of 2013. It is not for want of material, and I will get back … Continue reading

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