The Whites of Irpinia – Tom Maresca’s latest Post

Tom Maresca is a thoughtful and passionate writer on the wines of Italy. Read his most recent post here. I entirely share his love for the white wines (and reds) of Irpinia, as well as his conviction that this area is a future star that people will speak of as reverently as Burgundy. The wines are from characterful, unique varieties and show powerful expressions of terroir.

Tom's Wine Line

Here’s a premature but heartfelt prediction: some day wine lovers will treat Irpinia with the same respect and importance they currently afford the Côte d’Or.

I’m just back from a trip to southern Italy for Bianchirpinia, an event highlighting the two principal white varieties of this Campanian zone, Greco di Tufo and Fiano di Avellino, and featuring their new releases – mostly 2011, with a few 2010s.

I was very, very impressed by almost every aspect of the event: the quality of the wines, the number of producers participating, the degree of cooperation and openness exhibited by everyone involved.

Irpinia is the traditional name for an area roughly 50 kilometers east of Naples, high in the hills around the two principal towns of Avellino and Atripalda. Lovers of Italian wine are already familiar with the produce of the zone even if they don’t recognize its old name, since Irpinia contains…

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