Interviewed – James the Wine Guy

It has been too long since I last posted on this blog, and you are going to have to wait a bit yet. I fell with my bicycle last week and suffered a concussion. I don’t yet feel fully up to writing longish posts, but expect to be there within a week.

In the meanwhile, while at the opening of Zonin’s new and impressive Apulian wine venture, Masseria Altemura, I met James Meléndez, probably better known as James the Wine Guy. James runs what may be the longest-standing and definitely one of the most popular video blogs on wine. James is extremely knowledgeable about grape varieties and the great, diverse world of wine out there, and we had a long and very interesting discussion about wide-ranging wine subjects. Subsequently, James sent me some interview questions and has now published those and my answers here:

I would urge you to follow James’ blog. I like his down-to-earth and refreshing perspective a lot.

Yours truly


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