Passing on the baton – Vinforum’s Ola Dybvik retires

Ola Dybvik

Ola Dybvik

Founder and co-owner of Norway’s – and possibly the world’s – best wine magazine, Vinforum, retires. As Ola Dybvik writes himself, Vinforum was founded at a time where the Norwegian alcohol monopoly had a very poor and low-quality selection, and Vinforum was in direct opposition at the time. Ola hopes to have contributed to the present status, where Vinmonopolet now has a huge and quality-oriented selection. Let there be no doubt: Had it not been for Vinforum, and therefore Ola, Norway would still be in the doldrums, vinously speaking. We should also not underestimate the effect Vinforum and its founders have had on the Norwegian restaurant scene. Ola leaves a fantastic legacy, and high praise for his contribution is entirely appropriate. You will be missed, Ola!

Check out his short announcement here: går videre. In Norwegian, sorry, but you will get the gist from the above.


Yours truly


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