Jo by Gianfranco Fino – Article by Daniele Cernilli

Just wanted to notify you all about this lovely little article by Doctor Wine himself, Daniele Cernilli, about Gianfranco Fino’s pure negroamaro, Jo:

About 3000 bottles are made each year, so this is in extremely short supply. I have had the luck of tasting the 2006, 2007 and 2008. Of those, I personally liked the 2008 the most. It seemed to me to be slightly more structured than the previous two, and to have more of the typical negroamaro aromas of graphite/bakelite and mature red fruits. All are highly recommended.

Gianfranco is the greatest thing that has happened to Apulian wine ever. He has lifted the vinous image of the region to heights it didn’t even know it aspired to.


Have to lay my hands on some of the 2010…


Yours truly


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