Savignola Paolina – Tasting Notes – 30 August 2012

At the tasting previously mentioned in my post with tasting notes of Ioppa wines (, Carlo Merolli also showed a mere two wines from famous Chianti Classico producer Savignola Paolina. For those in the know little introduction is necessary, so the following is just an extremely short brush-up:

The house was started by Paolina Savignola, great-great aunt of the present owner, Ludovica Fabbri. Paolina was a bit of an oddity, who worked in the vineyard and otherwise took care of business in an age where women were rarely seen to be doing that. Nonetheless, her wines were of such quality that she managed to acquire a lovely reputation for authentic wines of high distinction. Acreage is small, wines are handcrafted, and with vineyards being sited in the central Chianti Classico comune of Greve (which, perhaps not so very surprisingly, has a close relationship with the Danish municipality of Greve, a suburbian, slightly sleepy place just south of Copenhagen), we are smack-dab in the middle of the golden area for this the most famous Italian wine through the ages.

While the wines nowadays may spend a bit of time in third- and fourth-year barriques, there is no pandering to international tastes in the grape variety make-up of the wines, with the Chianti Classico normale being some 85% sangiovese and 15% split between colorino and malvasia, and with the riserva being made with some 90% sangiovese and 10% colorino.

Both wines shown at this tasting were from 2008:

Chianti Classico 2008

Charming, sweet and juicy cherry nose with a bit of stalk, good minerality and dry spice. Medium to light in the mouth, juicy, light tannin. OK length, mild and sweet berry fruit, juicy, minerally.

Chianti Classico Riserva 2008

Somewat dark nose with dry cherry fruit, a bit of stalk, minerals and flowers. Medium-weight, mild, juicy and dry in the mouth, with some tannin. OK length with mild cherry fruit, flowers, minerals, then dry spices and a lightly reductive note on its way to tertiary aromas.

Both these wines are very true to their origins and do not try to be flashy or overdone. They are honest, sound and straightforward products of their terroir, and the Riserva in particular looks destined to have a very interesting development with time.


Yours truly


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